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We are proud to announce that the new Logic Users Group is online! Many who have been members of the LUG since its early days will be aware of the enormous changes and rapid development which have taken place on the Internet since the list started all those years ago. In particular, those legacy forms of user groups, including the mailing list format, have to a great extent been superceded by newer, more feature-rich and interactive ways for interest groups such as ours to exchange views and information, help and communicate with each other.

The LUG Admin team has been conscious of all of this for quite some time, and we have been working away quietly over the past number of months with the aim of offering the membership of the LUG what we are confident will be a much richer, user friendly, open and enjoyable experience, allowing the LUG membership to avail of state of the art forum architecture.

We are delighted to be able to announce that as and from today, the totally
new Logic Users Group is online, and is located at:


After considerable research and discussion, we felt that there was only one
form of forum architecture which really satisfied the requirements of the LUG, and that is the vBulletin forum software. This feature-rich, well designed, stable host offers many capabilities unthinkable in the mailing list format, such as:

* Sub-fora for many different discussions, such as general music production, music services, finding collaborators, classifieds, and so on.
* Developer-hosted forums from many of the developers of Logic-compatible hardware and software such as Euphonix, Metric Halo, Redmatica, Sonalksis, Urs Heckmann and more.
* A dynamic layout that automatically detects mobile browsers (such as the iPhone, Android, etc) and offers a specifically-designed experience for enhanced mobile use.
* RSS Syndication for notification of any new posts in your RSS reader, email client, browser, etc.
*Forum accounts also enable participation in LUG events (contests, group buys) and services
* Members can embed rich media such as screenshots to help with troubleshooting problems, video in the LUG Media Station forum to share their work, etc.

And speaking of the main site, the new Logic Users Group platform has been designed from the ground up to allow for community-driven dynamic content:
* Member-contributed articles, reviews, Logic templates, Environments, and settings.
* Developer sponsored contests, group buys, and competition give-aways
* Local and special events held by Apple and our members

Please one and all enjoy our community's new home! To encourage the transition, we have enabled a one-way link between the main LUG forum and the current Yahoo! Group. You'll need to go to the forum to participate in forum discussions, but we are committed to keeping the Yahoo! Group mailing list operational for the time being.

Signing on to the Forum is very straightforward, and please note that you need to sign up in order to participate. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone there-We deeply appreciate the quality, knowledge, abilities and willingness to help others which our members have consistently shown, and which has characterized the group for so long.

A great deal of work has gone into this, and I am glad to be able to avail of this opportunity to make a lot of very overdue and sincere thankyous:

First of all, to Michael Oliphant, who has served the LUG for many years, and who provided a lot of helpful advice in the early stages of planning this new site.

Very special thanks to Tony Perretta, also a veteran LUG moderator, who from the beginning rolled up his sleeves and quietly got down to work, coding day after day, and without whose skills, dedication, and the very considerable amount of time, creativity and effort he has devoted, the forum would not look anywhere near as good as it does.

Very special thanks to Peter Ostry, who accepted our invitation quite early on to join us, and who has unconditionally and most generously made available skills, facilities, knowledge and experience without which this project simply would not have been realised. Special thanks also go to Lilo Lengl, who has been working very hard along with Peter on the Website part of the new site.

To Pete Thomas, who recently joined us. Pete has already provided a lot of advice and ideas which helped us in some quite crucial areas of setting up the whole site.

Finally, and this is really a case of last but by no means least, to Orren Merton, who has been THE optimistic, cheerful and creative driving force behind this whole venture, who convinced us that it could be done, kept rallying us, and whose visions, ideas and wishes are reflected in much of what the forum has become.

I would also like to thank Yahoo! for being a very good host to us over the years.

I for one feel very grateful and privileged to have been able to work with this great team over the past months, and am pleased to say on behalf of all of us how thrilled we are to be able to take the wraps off the new site. We hope you enjoy and benefit from the new LUG. Please tell us what you like, and of course, tell us about anything you would like to see improved. We especially hope that everyone will participate in continuing to develop the friendly, helpful and knowledgeable tradition which has been characteristic of the LUG, which we hope will remain and contribute to making it even more of a virtual home to thousands of Logic users worldwide.

With best wishes,

Mark Cahill, Lilo Lengl, Orren Merton, Peter Ostry, Tony Perretta, Pete Thomas - your LUG Admin team.
Nooo... I hate web forums! I just don't understand why people think they're in any way better than a far more tried-and-tested system that was expressly designed for sending messages around between each other. I want all my messages in the one place, where they're readable and searchable together... I don't want to have to remember yet another username and password and log into to fifty different websites every day just to get my job done.

The email notification system here better be good, or I'm afraid you'll have lost a long-time mailing list subscriber for good :(
A website is searchable for everyone, not just long-term subscribers. Not to mention the ease of "stickies" and being able to store data somewhere other than my harddrive or web email. Not to mention the ease of avoiding topics that don't interest me.

Kudos LUG, in case you can't tell I'm a fan of forums. I hadn't used the mailing list in over a year simply because I disliked the format so much. I'm happy to find this out today (which shows how long I haven't read the mailing list!)!
Mailing lists are searchable by anyone too. All but the very worst mailing list hosts provide a search facility, which is inevitably crawled by Google and friends too if you want to search that way. The Yahoo Lists search facility was just fine, on the odd occasions I felt the need to use it.

But while I can search through all the pre-forum hints and tips in my LUG mailing list folder in a fraction of a second using my mail client's search function, I now can't search through any recent posts when I'm actually sitting at my Mac and using Logic, because I'm not online in my studio. Nor do I have any way to archive useful stuff for when the forum goes down or inevitably gives up the ghost completely, as all forums eventually do.

(And how much easier could it be to avoid uninteresting topics than pressing the 'delete' button in your mail app...?)
I don't want to have to remember yet another username and password
Try this:

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