Welcome to the Redmatica forum

Hi everyone,
I'm Andrea Gozzi from Redmatica, and I'd like to welcome you to this forum on the LUG board.

For those of you who don't know us yet, the focus here at Redmatica is on advancing the state of the art in audio sampling applications, and our current products are for managing (ExsManager), capturing (AutoSampler) and editing (Keymap) EXS24 format instruments and samples.


A few weeks ago, at the January NAMM show, we also previewed the next major versions for our applications, adding direct support also for Kontakt3, Structure and Reason among other things.


Release for the new version is set for Spring and we'll post new information on this board over the next weeks.

We'll monitor this board daily and you are welcome to post your experiences, questions, tips and tricks. We'll certainly do our best to provide accurate and useful information to you.

Hi Andrea,
I just have to say what brilliant work you do and the software you have created is amazing, a perfect companion for anyone using Logic..

I created a EXS version's of some real hardware synths for a band that had been touring for years luggin around a huge flightcase. I did it all in 15 mins during a rehearsal and loaded into Mainstage for them to use instead of the rack. They have never looked back and were really impressed with how easy it was.
Great to see you here Andrea. Are you enjoying my book?

I am eagerly awaiting Pro Manager 3, as I am using more and more Kontakt 3 libraries these days.
I'm thinking of getting Autosampler just to archive some of the sounds from my old Yamaha S80. I wish I would have done this for my xv3080 and dm5 that I sold last year. Is there a demo of the software?

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Hi daveyboy,
we once had demo versions, but then we stopped because they were taking too much time away from development of the real versions. In the end we found it was better to focus our time in providing real features for our real users, rather than demo versions.

Well, I started to sample one S80 patch "manually". I entered in one midi note and then said "screw this" and bought Autosampler. Wow! this thing kicks ass! Now, the sounds I'm sampling are old and I'll probably never use them but at least if or when the keyboard dies I'll have a few of the main ones I've used in the past.