Logic Pro 8 what are the legal issues when buying used?


I've noticed that quite a few vendors are selling Logic 8 on ebay, both academic and "full" versions. Some of them are new, sealed, etc., and some are listed as "used" or "opened". Will these work, can they be registered, etc.?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I've been using Logic since version 3 and have just continued to upgrade-I have version 8 now but I have to have my XS key hooked up for it to work-so I've never had to deal with this issue. (I also bought the upgrade to Logic 9, tried it on another partition of my computer, but as it's a PPC G5 I decided to stay with Logic 8 for the time being). The point is, I don't know how the authorization works for a new purchaser these days-if there is any at all-and I'm trying to assist a friend in setting Logic up in his studio so we can collaborate on a project. Can someone tell me if he can legally buy a used or "opened" copy of Logic? Does Apple have a transfer of ownership system in place, like many plugin companies, and is there a fee for that? And-somewhat off-topic-what about even older versions-are they still available? I would think there would be a need for at least version 7, for opening old projects...a new sealed Logic 7 is on ebay right now for $650.-...


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I have version 8 now but I have to have my XS key hooked up for it to work
Then something isn't right. Logic 8 does not require an XSKey to run, only to install if the version you have is the upgrade from Logic 5, 6 or 7. After that, you can put your XSkey somewhere safe, in case you ever need it to re-install.




yeah, I just checked and it (Logic 8) works without the XS key. I remember when I first got my current computer and installed Logic, a message box came up saying it couldn't find the key (it was in my old computer). I guess it only needed that first time but I was under the impression it always had to be in there.

still wondering about the used issue though...