Logic Pro 8 what do these numbers mean?


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I am new to Logic Pro 8 and i'm trying to figure out what these numbers in the red circle mean in the transport bar?

and where you would specify the specific instruments sound(e.g. - a "piano" sound or other) to be produced by a Logic plug-in synthesizer in this green screenshot? could you please circle it if possible?

I've searched high and low on this forum to no avail. any help would be very much appreciated.


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Clunkmess eh?

Bar, beat, tick, sub tick.

See where it says default on the synth interface?... hold it down. Pop up list is sounds. Try the EXS sampler for piano sounds.

Not in the mood to be mean... the manual is great, the instrument manual is a good read ;-)

LOTS of stuff on Youtube you know... Check them out.

BTW Logic 8 is the worst buggy POS out. Get LP9 for sure. Plus it has a beginner manual that would show you all the things you are wondering about.
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thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

I'm enrolled in an electronic music course and the course uses Logic Pro 8. The questions I asked are for a quiz that's due tomorrow:thmbup:
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