What do you use for drums?


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I use Reason (ReWired) for drums, but I recently tried the Ultrabeat, which is okay. (Note: I started using Logic in August, so I have a bit less than a month experience).

I've also read that the Logic sampler is great for drums. What do you all use? What are some of the advantages/disadvantages.

Reason - I enjoy that I can EQ and add effects to individual drum sounds. The downside is that most of Reason's stock drums are a bit wimpy to me (maybe i just need to learn how to use them better) and that sequencing is a pain as I need to jump back and forth between Reason and Logic (tho i may be missing something and making it harder than it needs to be)

Ultrabeat - The drums are pretty rocking, and it's easy to mess with parts. However, if there is a good way to EQ individual drum pieces, I haven't found it yet. I am working my way (slowly) thru the manual and will likely check out more tutorials as time goes.

Edit: I realize that this may have been better suited for Studio techniques. My apologies to the moderators if that is the case.
www.macprovideo.com for ultra beat tutorials. There is eq capability on a sound by sound basis. Or, you can send individual sounds to their own output for processing. My guess is that you would most likely only need to eq/process a few sounds. I've used ultra beat a lot for more electronic dance, hip hop stuff. For real sounds I use bfd2 mostly.

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Superior Drummer 2 here. I route the dry samples out to individual tracks in Logic and treat them like real drums with various plugins, which produces very natural sounding results and teaches me a thing or two in the process.

It comes with a bunch of presets for its built-in mixer too, so you can just route the whole thing into a stereo track and it'll sound good.
Battery 3 comes with some pretty awesome stock sounds and NI Studio Drummer which is amazing for customisation of live drum kits. I do use the EXS to load samples in but it requires more hands on with track inserts and routing rather than sculpting within the device like Battery or Ultrabeat.
For the work I do lately Ive been using all the Abbey Road drums. Mostly in preproduction i simulate what a real drummer might do (up to a point) then,when the track is ready for it, i book a real drummer. Works out great...
I was expecting more from this thread.

Are we talking realistic acoustic drums? That's the vibe I'm getting. I'm interested in how people are doing drums and rhythmic grooves similar to what can be found on Jon Hopkins Immunity record, or some of Hiatus's and Helios's work. Maybe even Emancipator, as that tends to have an altogether organic sound, especially for electronic music.

Maybe I'm in the wrong place?
Old thread, but, I'll add the now built-in Smart Drummers are great. I find my basic groove with that. Convert the regions to MIDI, tweak, then assign either Superior Drumming, or Shreddage Drummer.
Superior, Battery, Tyros 5, Roland Intregal 7.. I like the features of the drummer, but not knocked out by sounds sound to muffled. , haven't gotten around to assigning them to another source. Some RMX stuff is nice.. I also use Slate Digital and Drumagog drum replace which I like the best.. Drums are very special with songs.. When songs are near finished, I go back and redefine drums, from different kits.. sometimes snare, from one, kick another, sometimes two snares, or a snare and a rim for extra crap.. It depends on music you are doing.. You might want big Led Zeppelen.. drums. LIke most issues, I don't think there is one universal solution..