Logic Pro 9 What format? and how to load and save Instruments and samples in EXS24mkII


I have recently located several CDs with EXS24 instruments and samples on them from my old recording studio. Before I insert these CDs into my MAC (and possibly mess things up), I would like to know what standard format (file type) the EXS24mkII uses, then I will check the file extension/name to ensure they are actually EXS24mkII? If they in fact are instruments and samples for the EXS24mkII, How do I open them and then save them as EXS24mkII instruments and samples, to the computer? I know how to convert and save AKAI and Gigastudio.Gigasampler instruments and files, but as silly as this may be, I can't remember how to open and then save actual EXS24mkII instruments and samples. Any help would be much appreciated.