What keyboard do you use? Help wanted!


I've put it out there that I want to buy a new keyboard to replace my PC88. My budget is somewhere under 2 grand complete with tax, shipping.
I have a Axiom 49 that goes on trips with me, but that seems more like a toy. But it is cool how it can control Logic 9 and Mainstage.
I do play piano up to Beethoven sonatas (badly), so I'd love to have the same action I have on my Kawai grand, and with 88 keys. 50 pounds is okay I guess.
I don't want anything that sequences or samples. That's wasted space. A few meat and potatoes gig sound might be handy, but I mostly plan to use the PC 88 for gigs now.
I want something that works through USB, so when my sound card dies, no big deal. I've looked at Kurzweil PC2x and 3x, the NUMA, Yamaha p90. How's the Kurzweil at USB? I probably would have bought the NUMA piano except for the odd pitch wheel location. I guess I'll have to go to WLA Music to try some out because there aren't many available here in Oxnard. I would love something that would control Logic 9 in 64 bit and have a damn nice keyboard. Wouldn't have to have any sounds! I have Ivory, and a MBP for sounds. I'm going around and around. Throw me a bone and tell me, what do you use that is really fine. I'm willing to pay! I just can't figure it out so far...


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I have a Yamaha s90 es ... got it a few years back. Weighted keys, great action. Im partial to yamaha but I agree with jayfolland, roland is my second favorite. My first synth was a juno-6.

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I don't have one (never found a reason to replace my Korg 01/W Pro X, which I really love), but if I were replacing it the Yamaha S90 would be my pick, too.