What Kontakt output configuration are you using???


I know how to configure the outputs, but I'm curious to know how others are configuring Kontakt for use in Logic.

The manual emphasizes the need to establish a default configuration to avoid confusing the host DAW.

My issues are:
1. Each new project starts off pretty much as a blank slate. My Logic templates consist of core screensets, Transform sets, Environments, etc, and are otherwise without inserted instruments or as above but with one instrument as a starting point.

2. My projects gradually evolve so it doesn't make sense to have fully loaded templates because I'm not sure in the beginning what I'll want towards the end of the project. I add instruments and effects as I go.

3. I tend to work with dry mono, (or Logic channel strip setting which leave the audio unprocessed), saving the processing for a later stage.

In the past I've set up Kontakt like UltraBeat: 8 stereo, 8 mono, which works fine. But in many cases I need mostly mono, but at other times mostly stereo, so this seems like a good compromise.

Does anyone have any ideas of how else I could approach this?
For those who are interested, this is what works:

1. Choosing an output configuration when instantiating Kontakt in Logic, e.g. 16 Mono; 1 Stereo 15 Mono; 8 Stereo 8 Mono; 16 Stereo etc, results in Logic publishing those outputs accordingly.

2. The next step is to go through the tedious process of setting up the output configuration in Kontakt. I deleted the surround sound channels in order to have enough output channels for my configuration.

3. Once the configuration is completed, save it as a Kontakt Multi, using a descriptive name like... 16 Mono, or 1 Stereo 15 Mono, etc (same as the Logic output configuration.

So it works this way,
1. Choose an output configuration when loading Kontakt.
2. Load the matching Mulit into Kontakt.
3. Assign instruments
4. Make music.

The Kontakt manual really threw me a curve when it emphatically stated you had to "Make Default" to avoid confusing the host DAW. The approach above side steps the need to alter the factory "Default".

I hope this helps.