Logic Pro (X) what os for logic x?

Rodney D

I'm still running snow leopard 10.8.1 (at least I think). Can I still keep logic 9 for my 32 plugins and download logic 10? Will logic 10 work with snow leopard 10.8.1? I dont want to waste $200 bucks if it doesnt work on my system...
The minimum official spec is 10.8.4
I suspect you have a typo, talking of 10.8.1 and Snow Leopard together....Snow Leopard is 10.6.x

I have read of some folks trying to force Logic X to work in 10.7 (Lion) but it's not recommended.

You'll have to decide whether to move to 10.8.x or not. I did it recently and it's pretty stable for me. Bear in mind that you lose all your Power PC Apps from 10.7 and above...
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So I need to running Mountain Lion 10.8.4

Yes. You must be running OS 10.8.4 to run Logic Pro X

Will I still be able to use logic 9 32bit and Logic 10 if I which?

Yes. You can run Logic 9.1.x on OS 10.8.4. Yes you can have them both installed on OS 10.8.4 and run them independently. And yes, if you are running Logic 9 in OS 10.8.4 you can still launch it in 32 bit mode and run 32 bit plug-ins.
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Yes you can have them both installed on OS 10.8.4 and run them independently.
Is there any interaction between them? For example, any common support files that create issues when both 9 and X are on the same partition? Any interaction between preferences? Keyboard shortcuts? Export settings? Or are they entirely unaware of each other's support files and settings? I thought I read somewhere about a concern that X would wipe 9's EXS 24 setups.
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I haven't seem any problems yet. That doesn't mean there aren't any. Just that I haven't encountered them yet.

The User folder is definitely separate for the two versions. One is in the User Library, the other is in the User Music folder.

I don't think the shared factory content is an issue, again, at least as far as I have seen so far.
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Thanks. Looking forward to seeing the tutorials. That's what will help me decide whether I want this upgrade or whether I can stick with V9 for my purposes.
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