Logic Pro 9 What the balls is up with the M-Audio Uno


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So I have an Axiom 25 but I wanted to hook up my Casio WK 3000 so I can play songs with a range farther than 2 octaves. So since I have USB ports on my Macbook I'm using the M-Audio Uno. I have the In in the Out and the Out in the In and yet the Uno is not showing it seeing any signal. Neither is Logic. However, when I switch it the Uno sees the input but not the out and again Logic is not working. So I've scoured the internet trying to figure this out, if its a problem on either the keyboards end, the unos end, or logics end. Or maybe I'm just doing something stupid :brkwl: :brkwl: :brkwl: So if anyone can help I'd be super grateful.
Hey Sprinkles,

I have an M-Audio UNO on my MSCBook Pro and it works flawlessly. Do you have the latest drivers from M-Audio?

Are your preferences correct?

Howie :D
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That is what this group is all about. Helping each other get through the technical issues so that we can get on with the business/fun of making music with Logic.


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