Logic Pro 9 what the differences between PRO and EXPRESS version?


Just did a quick google and ran into this.

In a nutshell it says... :
No Delay Designer
No Space Designer
No Surround
No vintage instruments
No support for Nodes
No TDM support
No Jam Packs
No MainStage
No WaveBurner
No SoundTrack Pro
No Compressor
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Just adding this link, because the "no compressor" part had me scratching my head...


I don't usually go for the light version of such applications, and I had assumed that Express wasn't even an option - until I read that comparison chart. Though I'll definitely be upgrading to the Pro version sometime in the future, I'm still very impressed to see how much stuff is included in Express.
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Yeah even garage band has some sort of compressor.... i would consider Express as a GB on steroid....
It all depends on your needs!
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I think of it more like "Pro" on a diet... It really is a completely different app that GB.

My thought exactly. Actually, I'd say Pro is Express on steroids. :) In terms of core application, it basically boils down to 3 differences:

Surround sound mixing (up to 7.1).
Distributed Audio Processing (allows sharing of processing power between networked computers)
Support for TDM compatible Avid hardware (Mac OS X v10.5.x only).

Of course there's also a couple of plug-ins that aren't included, but the application itself is basically the same.
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Incidentally, this isn't likely to happen, but considering that Express perfectly suits my needs as is (no need for the 3 aforementioned features), I really wish we could buy the additional stuff on an individual basis, as needed. As an example, the only thing I really would need from the Studio Bundle would be Waveburner. I'll never use Soundstage and the rest of that stuff.

Same w/ plug-ins and additional content. There's like 60% of that stuff I honestly have no use for.

That's one of the reasons I opted for Express in the first place.
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