Logic Pro 8 What to do with Spinning Beachball ?


I have Logic 8.02 with Mac Pro ( last years ) with Mackie CUPro. I have 4Gb RAM.
I was doing basic comping of takes ( from David's book ).
I had recorded acoustic guitar.As in the exercise.
It all freezes including the Mackie.Then the beachball spins.It has happened a few times but this time it is going on and on.
Multiple instances of Space Designer set it off too.The gents in the shop say it should not be the RAM or the CPU.It used to happen with Kore 2 running but since it's ( Kore 2 )update it had been fine.
Am I right in just switching my computer off or should I wait till the ball disappears ? It's still going after fifteen minutes.Worrying.
I am relatively new to all this ( 1 year ) but was recapping with the book cos it's good practice.What is the best cure for this ?

Thank you for any guidance or pointers as to what I may be ignorant of..
Try this:

Open "Activity Monitor" in the utilities folder. Let it run for a while (I'd say maybe 10 minutes) You have a 50/50 chance that it will "unfreeze" Logic.
This works with many apps. I would have never imagined this would work, but it has saved both myself and more than a few clients behinds over the last couple of years since I heard about this "OSX tip"... hope it helps.

George Leger III
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Thank you both. I did just switch it off at the MacPro.I didn't like doing it as I like to know why this is occurring in the first place.
I will try both methods mentioned in future if it happens again.
Thank you again for yr time.
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