Logic TDM When did Logic stop supporting TDM?

Orren Merton

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I'm not a TDM user, so I could be wrong on the dates, but I believe that when Pro Tools HD 8.0.3 came out, it dropped hardware support for both Logic TDM and Digital Performer TDM. Digital Performer subsequently hacked together their own support, but Logic did not.

I believe that was in 2009 or early 2010.

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logic still support TDM up to 9.1.5 but ONLY in 10.5.8 with pro-tools 8.0.2cs2

in 10.6.8 it works up to logic 9.0.2 and up to Pro-tools 8.1.1

i think it does not work at all with pro-tools 9 or with Lion.
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