When will 16 GB not be enough for Logic?


I am getting ready to upgrade to a new Mac. I'm looking at a Mac Mini with a 2.3 I7 processor, 16 GB or RAM and 2 internal SS Drives. My only concern is that 16 GB is the max for this machine. I'm running Logic Pro X and this system will be dedicate to that and basic email and web browsing. My projects are mostly midi drums and audio tracks. I run very few software instruments.

Any thoughts on when the 16 GB or RAM might become a bottleneck? I'm getting pretty old and I would like this machine to fill my needs for many years.
I don't think Logic itself is likely to require anything near 16G in the foreseeable future. It's the large orchestral VI libraries that are creating the need for such huge amounts of memory, not the DAWs.