Logic Pro 9 Where are Apple Loops Favorites Stored?


Does anyone know where the index for the Apple Loops "favorites" is stored on the hard drive? I know where the general Apple loops index files are; but there doesn't seem to be any way of accessing the favorites specifically.

Is it possible to back them up somehow? I have a client who is reinstalling a new HD, new OS, and fresh Logic install, but wants to be able to retrieve and "re-install" the previous favorites selections in the Apple Loop Browser.
They're somewhere in the messed up wide world of what Apple thinks is a proper way to organize things. In other words: Forget about it.
Seriously, I have never ever seen anything organized as badly as Apple Loops (and certain other things also related to Logic). It's the worst programming job I could imagine.

- Sascha


I don't use the favorites feature either, but I just tried saving one as a favorite to see if it turns up in the shared folder. But it doesn't seem to. It doesn't seem to be there.

I agree with Sascha, the whole apple loops architecture is very kludgy. And it is compounded with the unnecessary complexity of reconciling the new CAF format with older Garage Band installs of loops (and sampler instrument samples!)


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Hi Eli

I can't say for sure whether they are stored here, but how about trying:


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Hi Mark,

Thanks for that suggestion. It looked promising, but I don't think that's it. I did a little test where I saved an apple loop as a favorite, quit Logic, then backed up that pref file. The I relaunched Logic, deselected the favorite, quit Logic, put the old pref file back, and relaunched Logic; but the Apple Loop Browser it didn't seem to retain the favorite item.

Too bad, I think we're getting close though :)