Logic Pro 9 Where did the metronome channel go?


I can see the metronome channel in the environment window but not in the mixer or arrange window. How can I get the click into the arrange window so I can fade it in or out a t a certain point?


ok nevermind I found it. I had to go to the mixer and tell it to show all the tracks instead of just the arrange tracks. Then in the mixer right click the track and select show in arrange window.


Hi Seffro,
Here is something for fun...
You do not need to mess your arrange with a Click track just for setting the click level etc... Here is another alternative.
1. Open the Mixer environment layer and go to the "New" menu Fader->Horizont.1 to create a new in the environment.
2. Label the new fader "Click Level" and cable it to the Klopfgeist channel strip.
3. Move the new fader most top left in that environment layer, right click the layer background and choose "Frameless" to make that window as frameless one.
4. Resize it as shown in the image below and save as some screenset #.

I have make a small macro which offers an External remote control via some custom CC message (ch.any). This tool is cabled "directly" to the click channel strip so you can control the click volume externally without track selection dependance or messing with the Controller assignment.
You can open my song and save as song template. Use screenset #9 to recall the click leveler when need it (or in case if it is closed in the other screensets).
Get my template from the attachment below.