Logic Pro (X) Where is the click/metronome?


I can access the click if I select the arrow to the right of the Control Bar solo cluster, but I'd like to have it at top level in my Main Window. What am I missing?

CSeye: yes, the click option is checked, but the click is not visible. I have to click the arrows then slide. I have no visual knowledge of whether the click is on or not.
I often create a custom click track using a software instrument, and sometimes, deep in production/composition, like to control which click I'm hearing. Logic 9 had a visible metronome.
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How many items are checked on for your Control Bar?
I have a minimalist set up as shown.

Try deselecting non-essential items in the Customize Control Bar and Display panel.


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CSeye: it seems that if I select the 'Custom' widget to the left of the virtual LCD display, there's no way I can see a metronome. And that is precisely how I've had it set :-(
By changing from custom to any other option I have my metronome back!.
I've chosen 'Beats & Project' which'll do for now

Thanks for the thumbnail, it got me going :)

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LSchefman: yes it does in all but the mode of 'Customize', which I hadn't fully explored .

Changing mode to 'Beats & Project' solved my little problem

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OK, so here's the thing.

If I want a metronome AND cycle start AND end points AND SMTE position AND metronome AND song endpoint I MUST have a floating Transport as well as the one on my Main window. Which means two transports, which is a waste of space!

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