Which Controller for Logic 9?


Hi there

Does anyone know for sure what is the best of the various controller keyboards out there for quick, practical and optimum creative manipulation of logic and its instruments?

From what I am reading the axiom pro is the latest with easy set up, knobs to filters etc and I have seen brief murmurings that Akai's MPK is not as good with Logic? Does anyone have any actual experience with any or both?

I am also seeing a lot now on the Novation Impulse that I am beginning to lean toward, again has anyone got some comparable experience with all or individually?

I am looking at the 25 key range for portability and just want something that is easy, creative and practical to use.

Hi There,

I've just got a new 61 key Novation Impulse keyboard. It comes with Automap - the Novation control surface software for automatically mapping the faders, encoders and buttons to Logic.

The keyboard itself is great. I like the feel/action of the keys very much. The knobs and sliders can be used either in Automap mode or in "template" mode - which involves manually mapping the controls to Logic.

Automap works great straight out of the box with Logic. There are some simple customizations that can be done to personalize the mappings to ways that suit your individual workflow. For example, I wasn't crazy about the way they have the Channel EQ controls mapped to the encoders. So I customized how they are laid out in Automap and saved it as the default behavior. It is relatively simple and painless to do.

If one were inclined to build up a template from scratch, that could be done as well. But there's really no need to. Automap works great. And can be customized easily - with limitations of course.

The one thing to remember about Automap is that it is not the same as a real dedicated control surface, like the MCU for example. Automap is great, but there is a limit to the mapping that can be done. For example, forget about using it to control multiple sends on each track. One is the limit, and I haven't found a way to exceed this limitation (someone please tell me I have missed something!). Maybe in template mode, but I haven't explored that.

So, to sum up, Automap works great for what it does, and can be customized within it's limitations very easily; but doesn't do everything a control surface does. If you want it mainly to have the encoders tweak soft synth parameters, and the faders and buttons to control basic mixer functions like volumes, mutes, solos, and record arming, it's definitely a winner.

Disclaimer: I do not work for Novation, but I have just completed a set of third party instructional videos (groove3) on the Impulse and Automap that will be released soon.