Which Mac mini for logic/mainstage


At last......! I am about to migrate from an Atari 1040 running Notator in conjunction with a Yamaha aw16g DAW. Latest project complete...a new dawn!

I have been tipped off to look at using a Mac mini with Mainstage/MOTU for live work. Also looking to use it for recording with Logic.

Currently there are 3 mac minis available all with upgrades.
Currently thinking of the quad core 2.3 ghz/1TB with 16 gig memory upgrade.

1) Will this combo suit recording with a few third party tasty plug ins (Pianoteq, U-He Diva and M-Tron) or should I also consider upgrading to solid state drive.....not clear about this option at all...any help greatly appreciated. Having relied on floppy discs plus 2 backups for each piece you can see why!

2) is the Mac mini really up to both tasks?
(With Neovo pro X 17 for live and a Samsung monitor for recording)

Cheers in anticipation, Rob


Atari 1040? You must be the world's last holdout.

I think the most important thing to consider with the Mini is to get one with the i7 processor. When it comes to running a lot of VI channels, the i5 versions will top out a lot sooner than the i7 versions. Something to do with floating point processing. RAM is cheap so you might as well do 16G. I noticed a big drop in disk swapping going from 4G to 8G, and with 16G I can have a lot of VI samples in RAM. For the internal drive, of course the solid state will load things in a fraction of the time a hard drive will, but it depends on whether that's worth the cost in your particular situation. For me, it's not an issue because everything gets loaded at startup, so I wait a minute, and after that it doesn't make a lot of difference. But for live performance with a lot of patch changes, a large internal SSD would be a big help.


Fusion drive

Thanks Bayswater for your very helpful reply.
The SSD seems a good idea particularly for live use.
I've noticed that there is a fusion drive option with 1TB capacity.
I guess it's a hybrid combining both the features of SSD and hard drive.
Would this be a better upgrade than the SSD option. I'm a bit concerned about the SSD lower storage of 256 gb

Cheers Rob


I have a friend with a fusion drive in his MacBook Pro. It's faster, but not dramatically faster. I wouldn't bother with it for audio samples.

You might want to look at OWC SSD upgrade kits. They go up to 1T.


You'll have to dig around the site and have a look at the videos that show how to do the installation to see how difficult it is to install. Sometimes it very easy -- sometimes not, depending on the specific model. OWC is generally a good supplier for Mac related stuff and prices are better than the Apple Store.