Logic Pro 7 & earlier White eMagic/Apple dongle allow older versions of Logic to run w/ Rosetta?


I am trying to get Logic 5.4 to run on my new Intel iMac with the use of Rosetta. My Intel iMac doesn't recognize the old, blue dongle from eMagic, but I was wondering if a white dongle (the ones Apple would provide to replace the blue eMagic one during the takeover of Logic). I have upgraded to Logic 6, 7 and 8 since then, but Apple didn't replace the dongle.

Does anyone have the white dongle from Apple, and know if it can be recognized to open older PowerPC versions of Logic under Snow Leopard?

For a little background on why Logic 5.4 is such a missing link to me, check my last thread (that was locked):

If anyone has the white, Apple dongle and some time to spare, I could get you the installer for Logic 5.4 (of course, it would be useless if your dongle isn't authorized to use it!).

Hmm . . . I just tried to launch Logic 6 and Logic 7 with my blue, magic dongle and they launched without a problem on my Intel iMac. It's frustrating that when I try to launch Logic 5, i get the message 'Emagic XSKey not found,' especially since the same dongle launches Logic 5, 6, and 7 on my PowerPC.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time!

P.S. sure, I could pick up another G5, but it should would be amazing to work all within one box. Not to mention that I am not looking forward to another seemingly inevitable G5 failure. Thanks!
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I think that even if you got it to work- you are really in for more aggravation than it's worth. I highly doubt that the configuration you suggest would also support old VST's.

I think you should take a deep breath, back away from the computer and rethink your workflow, letting go of the old one and letting a new one flow into your studio. It will take a lot of getting used to, but you will be much happier in the long run. Logic 9 is really not so bad (and I've read your old post about the problems you have with it...) - what you stand to gain in terms of sheer power, improved built-in plugs, and stability far outweigh the issues you list...
Eddie, thanks for your response!

I got started with logic audio 4, way before Apple introduced/invented Audio Units. VST was the only plug-in option with Logic, with Logic 5.4 being the last version to support them (5.5 waved goodbye to them). VST's aren't really what I am concerned about--I've found substitutions for all my old VST plugs. But man, I have some unique sounds/instruments made with EXS24 mk I that I don't want to let go of. Most of them are the cornerstones of the projects that contain them.

I appreciate your advice about taking a deep breath and a step back, as I am currently in a state of reworking my work flow as I am migrating to my new iMac. But just like when you are sorting through old stuff, you make a junk pile and a keep pile, and these mk I instruments are def in the 'keep' pile.

Perhaps you have me confused with someone else, but I don't have any problems with using more current versions of Logic. Although I don't have Logic 9 (it wasn't supported for PowerPC), I mainly only use Logic 8 as I look towards the future with my DAW setup.

On a side note, Logic 9 doesn't offer a whole lot for me, so I have been counting on waiting until Logic 10 to upgrade.

It's not so much that I don't want to let go of an old work flow, but I just want to have my dynamic sounds represented in a way where I can perform with them, as well as record with them. I went so far as to hook up an old mac to Redmatica's Autosampler so that my more current mac autosampled each note, so I could have access to them as a mk II instrument. This doesn't quite cut it for most instances, because what was the old modulation matrix isn't there with the dynamics I originally programmed.

I agree that moving forward and allowing new things in can make things of old seem less important, but as I have been doing that, these old EXS24 mk I beauties are still just as important to me. And trust me, I've put quite some time in with eMagic/Apple reps to try to get them duplicated with mk II's settings.

Thanks again for your advice!

Pete Thomas

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I was wondering if a white dongle .............

If anyone has the white, Apple dongle and some time to spare, I could get you the installer for Logic 5.4 (of course, it would be useless if your dongle isn't authorized to use it!).
Eddie, thanks for your response!

Although I don't have Logic 9 (it wasn't supported for PowerPC), I mainly only use Logic 8 as I look towards the future with my DAW setup.
I thought people got a white dongle with logic 8, if not then I'm sure you can get Apple to replace your blue one if that's what they gave you then. You just need to contact Applecare I think.
Thanks for all your responses, Pete.

Logic 8 got rid of the need for dongles, which was cool.

The blue dongle that I have works just fine for launching Logic 6 and 7 on my Intel iMac, and those are the only versions that were even Apple software. Logic 5 was when emagic ruled the world.


Hi usernamesareforsuckers

Try this to see if it works. Logic 5.5, I think still will work on a intel mac (under rosetta). If you still have that, install it first, run it with that emagic usb dongle, so the fimware is regnonize (xs key firmware 23-0), then install logic 5.4, restart the computer, run logic 5.5 again (to regnonize the firmware again), quit it, and then run Logic 5.4 to see if it would regnonize the firmware (xs key firmware 18-0). If that doesn't work try running logic 5.5 first & while its running, run logic 5.4 at the same time

Hope this helps.


The white XSKey and blue XSKey are identical, only the housing is different. Apple replaced them in case of a hardware defect, not because of software. The XSKey Updater (Google it) allows to make sure your XSKey is up-to-date.

But this all has nothing to do with PowerPC / Intel.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried to install Logic 5.5.1 from my Logic 6 installer disc, but when I launch it, it also does not recognize the XSKey. Logic 6 continues to open just fine. I just don't get it.

Ugh. Im frustrated.

I thought if I tried to install the XSKey Manager System Preference, that I could open Logic 5. Well, I thought I installed it successfully, but it still didn't show up in my System Preferences.

Also, in response to attempting to try using under Leopard or Tiger, I'm afraid that my computer is too new to boot up in either of these older OS's (or so I've read online, unless I want to attempt some serious adjusting of the OS to trick it into running).

I was able to have my Power Mac G5 turn on for long enough to launch Logic 5 with my blue eMagic dongle and it just works flawless every time. I would ask about advice on how to install the XSkey System Preference, but then I recall how Logic 6 recognized the XSKey without any visible XSKey Manager on my Intel Mac.


The XSKey Manager is only a tool to display the licenses inside the XSKey, it doesn't do anything to the XSKey to be recognized by Logic. I don't know why it doesn't show up, there could be many reasons and it is many many years dead, so I don't have an idea. Maybe an Intel Mac is required for it? But again: the preference panel wouldn't do anything to the XSKey anyway.

BTW: Trying to hack an older OS on a newer Mac is a bad, bad idea.

If Logic 5.5.1 doesn't run, but the XSKey works with Logic 6, then you might not have the correctly license for Logic 5. Weird, but I think certain XSKeys in the transition time etc. might not have the license. At this point I think there is nothing that can be done: Apple abandoned the XSKey many years ago.

Thanks for the uber-quick response!

I do have the correct Logic Platinum 5 license--I can see that it is authorized under the XSKey Manager on my failing PowerMac G5. Not to mention that the same blue dongle launches Logic 5 on my PowerMac with it plugged into the G5.

In between the time I replied with my last message, I dragged the XSKey Manager system preferences file from my PowerMac G5, popped it onto a flash drive, and double-clicked it for launch on my Intel iMac. It asked me if I wanted to install it, and I said yes. Doing so forces the System Preferences to be relaunched in 32bit mode, but before a Preferences Error is displayed, reading 'You can't open XSKey preferences because it doesn't work on an Intel-based Mac.' Okay, fair enough. What you said made sense about it not being crucial to connectivity, which makes sense, since I can launch Logic 6 and 7 with the dongle on my iMac even without a system preference representation of the XSKey.

So very odd and frustrating. If only eMagic/Apple included the mk I of the EXS24 like they included both ES1 and ES2 versions side by side!


Try to use this logic 5.5.1 on your intel mac. It worked for me & they're not cracked versions, but updates from the old emagic website. I believe lpx551.sit is the one you'll need.



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I removed the URL from the last post. I don't doubt for a second that your intentions were good and you are only trying to provide help. Unfortunately, as the rights to Logic belong to Apple, only they may distribute their software. We cannot be seen to publicly support anyone else who, for whatever reasons, offers Apple software for distribution.

I suspect you can clarify this privately ;)

kind regards


Thanks so much! I 'came' across an old .bin installer of Logic 5.5.1, but it still was not able to recognize the XSKey. Like Logic 5.4, Logic 5.5.1 seems to launch fine, it's just that it doesn't see the XSKey.

Something else potentially of use:
I thought if I tried to Install Logic 6 from one of my install CD's that maybe it would install more support software for loading version 5 (since my Logic 5 install actually came on my Logic 6 installation disc). I Installed what was Logic Platinum 6.01, but to my surprise, it also wouldn't recognize the XSKey. I mounted my old Power PC Tiger disc image (from which I had previously attempted to open both Logic 5.4 and Logic 6 Pro 6.4.1), and Logic Pro 6.4.1 recognized my XSKey no problem. I realized that not all versions of Logic 6 apparently recognize my XSKey. Perhaps it is only the 'Pro' versions that can see my XSKey?


You said that you have no problem with Logic 5 on your intel. What OS are you using? I am using the latest Snow Leopard. How old is your Mac? I recently discovered that certain Intel Macs can only run certain Mac OS versions based on what OS was available at the time of its launch. Could it be possible that an older Intel machine would be able to have Rosetta work for some things that a newer Intel machine would not?

Also, I notice that when Logic Pro 6.4.1 loads up on my Intel iMac (2011), that it recognizes myXSKey to be firmware version 2.5.

Also, after I attempt to quit Logic Pro 6.4.1, it turns non responsive and I have to force quit it.

Also, I attempted to open Logic 5.4 AFTER successfully opening Logic Pro 6.4.1 to see if I could sneak it past some authorization system, but it didn't work.
Upate after a while . . .

Hello! I want to thank everyone for their assistance with this issue! Thanks!

So I stumbled across an PC installer of Logic Platinum 5.3 and a cool program called CrossOver. CrossOver lets you run a lot of PC programs with barely any processing power footprint. Also, because it doesn't run Windows, you don't need to bother with a Windows license! The only thing is that it doesn't work with all apps. You get a free 30 days trial of it to make sure it works for what you need it to. It seems like it could be a lightweight solution to those needs at a lower price than the competition.

Anyway, the Logic PC installer runs fine and installs it just fine. The only weird thing is that when I launch the PC Logic, the first thing it tells me to do is select the audio driver, which seems perfectly logical. The only prob is that when I try to do that, the program has to quit. So close! haha. Anyway, it seems clear that the program thinks it should be displaying PC audio driver options even though it's running on a mac. darn!
I am amazed at your persistence at trying to resurrect such archaic software! What VST plug-in could possibly be so precious that you are going to such measures to load it?

I bought the PC version of emagic's Logic at version 5. Back then, one would install v. 5, then patch to 5.51. That was the end of the line for the PC version, but it still runs fine under WinXP. I never even heard of 5.4, but that would explain why the only VST plug-in I purchased totally crashed 5.51.
I appreciate the recognition! haha.

Although there were a few cool VST's out there I would like, the real reason I am this driven is to get access to my EXS24 mk I instruments. Logic version 5.5 and up replaced mk I with mk II, and everything wasn't happily ever after when it came to mk II attempting to reproduce the 'same' settings as its predecessor. I've got some sounds that likely include happy accidents that I haven't been able to replicate. mk I has a different modulation matrix as well as a different filter (without referring to my notes). I really want to have playable access to these instruments and mk II doesn't cut it. I even went so far as to use the Redmatica autosampling software, but as you know, sampling really takes the versatility out of a live synth setting.
Hearing you wax nostalgic is almost (almost...) enough to make me rise up from my chair, dig my Arp Avatar out of the storage room, and try to find the perfect combinations of sliders where the ADSR becomes at one with LFOs. It has super analog filters, but the trigger was so bad it was unusable live.