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Hello Everyone. My name is Gary I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been studying the accordion for 40 years now and I have decided to finally learn about midi and how use it. After my study on several internet boards I have of course decided to use Logic Pro Express 9.1.8 as my DAW. My accordion is midi capable and gets a real second look when played as a midi instrument. I look forward to using the forum to learn all the capabilities of the program and how to get out of a jam if I click the wrong thing. I currently have a subscription to lynda.com were I am learning the basics of Logic Pro. I was directed to lynda from the apple site. To say the least I am very impressed with what the porgram can do-lets see if I can leave my mark on the music world. I have decided to do this as part of the accordion loosing it um-pa-pa stigma and bringing the general public back to an instrument that was very popular in the 40's. I know I have a steep hill to climb. So with my newly prurchased MacPro loaded with Logic Pro Express its time to get to work. Thanks for reading my post.
Sounds good. Also check out groove3.com at some point for more tutorials. The main Logic gurus who do the tutorials there are on this board. Lynda is great though and will definitely get you over the learning curve.

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Thanks for the link daveyboy. I just checked it out and it looks like a great place to learn about logic.
Pleased to hear you're revitalising the accordion! I feel the same about the National and Dobro resonators, so I'm using 1929 and 1932 guitars alongside modern recording kit. I don't use anything synthetic, though - I mean samples of stuff. Has to be the real thing. How do you mic up the accordion? Maybe there's an area in LUG that covers this.