Logic Pro 8 Why can I still hear muted tracks?


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Hi there,

Having real trouble with this one. Sure it's something simple but can't figure it out.

I started a new stereo production so all tracks were already filled with empty numbered Audio tracks. I then loaded in an audio file into track 1 and have added some logic drum loops into tracks 2 and 3. Everything was fine untill I muted track 1 and realised it was still playing. The same applies for tracks 2 and 3. None of them will mute. Even when I go to the mixer and bring the volume right down I can still hear it? So it's affecting my track volume control as well.

I've noticed that when i add a new software track the mute function works fine on that. Is it that the audio tracks are pre-set in a certain way already when starting a new project file in this way?

Any help/advice would be much apprieciated!

Logic 8 had bugs, different versions had their own problems. Might want to share what your tech specs are.

Regardless, I have no clue other than it's a corrupt project. If you built the template yourself, I would rebuild it as that may well be where the corruption is coming from.
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