Logic Pro 9 Why do I only see the tags for the keys of C and F on the Piano Roll's keyboard?

Andre Favreau

In the piano roll, I would like for my drum tags (Kik - Snare - Tom1...) to appear on the keys of keyboard on the left. To do that I created a mapped instrument in the Environment.

Now, why is it that I can only see those name tags for the keys of C and F? Is it possible to have it on other keys?

That would help me get special articulations for my drum kit.


I tested this and had the same results you got. The screen shot in the manual shows the same thing. However, it also says:

"If a MIDI region (on a track routed to a mapped instrument object) is displayed in the Piano Roll Editor, the names of the notes being played appear on the vertical keyboard."

I can't get that to work here.
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I can't get that to work here.
I'm away of Logic but as far as I remember from the former times you have to assign a track for the Mapped Instrument (MI) in the arrange:
1. The MI must be cabled to the Software Instrument you plan to use in the Environment and the MI port must be set to "No Port" in this scenario.
2. If you want to use any external midi device as a sound module then you have to assign the MI port to that external midi device.

When you place any midi region on the MI track, then some of the keys in the piano roll must be labeled (shown) as drum pads Kick1, Low Tom etc.
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Used to be able to if I remember correctly. The only way I can even get this to kinda do what you want is this:

Make a mapped instrument, assign it on your arrange widow to a track. Now, open the hyper editor, select GM drums, and rename the note to the name you want. The hyper editor becomes your way to program, using it as a grid... you can do note length, velocity, and you can also see the names in the event editor.

Closest thing I could think of...
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Yeah that's the best we can do I guess. Too bad. I have Superior Drummer 2.0, so it would be nice to easily replace some articulations by others in the piano Roll (ex: replace Snre Center for Snre Ruffs...) and I don't think we can change note in the Hyper. Can we?

By the way, if you label your mapped instrument, you can simply select your sequence and select Hyper - Create Hyper Set for Current Events

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and I don't think we can change note in the Hyper. Can we?
Hi Andre,
Double click the the Event Definition lane (the note pitch in question) in the Hyper Edit to open the "Convert Definition" dialog. Set the target "To" note in the box at the bottom.
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but that copies ALL the notes from the lane right?
Nope, actually. It does not copy the note events - you can check that in the event list!

What's happening?
When you hit "Convert", Logic converts the current Event definition from say D1 to E1. Cause you already had E1 Event definition in the Hyper set previously, now Hyper Edit shows two Event Definitions set to E1 - this does not mead that you have note duplication!
So after the Conversion you can delete the currently selected Event definition using a keycommand. It's a bit complicated cause you will delete D1 from the Hyper Set as a whole, but your target is to make a proper Hyper Set for your Superior so you decide. (By the way there are key commands for copy and paste Event definitions so you can make lane backups etc).
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