Logic Pro 9 Why Is L9 Downloading New "Essentials"?


This morning I started up LP 9.1.8 on my laptop to look at something, and it started downloading 2G of "essential" stuff. I've had LP9 on this laptop since dinosaurs roamed so I assumed I had inadvertently deleted something L9 needs. Later same day, I started up L9 on my main audio setup, and the same thing happened.

So what's going on? What am I getting? It seems a bit intrusive for Apple to simply start downloading stuff without asking.
So did it cause any problems, like did your systems start locking up or are you just wanting to know why this update was pushed?

also was the item specifically worded "Logic Pro & Mainstage essential content" ?
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It didn't cause any problems. But I was wondering why it would happen after all this time. Maybe some essential files were corrupted. But it happened on both of my installs. I can't imagine apple issuing an update for v9 so long after the X release. Looks like it didn't happen to anyone else. Yes the message exactly that except I don't recall now whether it mentioned mainstage.
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I can't imagine apple issuing an update for v9 so long after the X release.

All software companies continue to issue updates for their products after a new version has been released. They continue to do that until they announce that a certain version is "no longer supported".

Usually that will include their current product and the two previous versions. Example is Windows, microsoft recently stated that they would no longer support Windows XP. That happened around the release of Windows 8.
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Ah, here's your previous thread!
So in my case, Logic does the alleged "essential download" and then shuts down. Every subsequent attempt to open it starts the download again, and so on. It is occurring only when I start the computer from a newly installed system. If I boot from the old system it doesn't happen. What's always most infuriating is that apple's massage boxes are so utterly uninformative in these situations thus one is left with no idea how to proceed...
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