Logic Pro (X) Why is this audio at the wrong pitch?


I've turned off the effects for both of these vocal tracks. Looking at the selected note in the screen shot, if I click-hold at the highest part of the waveform, it sounds as D# and at the lowest part of the waveform C#, but the pitch is supposed to be C! Normally, I think vibrato spans a tone or more but the waveform usually goes into the note above and below to have a spread of a whole tone. That is already a little screwy. What I cannot understand is why these notes are completely out of tune. I don't see transpose and it is not revealed by clicking on "more".
Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 5.01.03 PM.png

I should perhaps note that I've been playing with the formants (I'm trying to create an alien voice sound) but even when I change the formants back to 0, the pitch is off the same amount.
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Pete Thomas

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Assuming these were recorded and not added from anothere project with a different sample rate (can happen but I think Logic should automatically convert but Im not entirely sure) then what happens if you turn flex pitch off totally

Not just from the region but also the track:

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Which version of Logic? I think current version shows a transpose option in the region parameters inspector.
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