Will Apple stand up for Logic?


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This isn't a technical pros/cons Logic vs other platforms.  I like Logic quite a lot.  But there are rumors about Apple deprecating Logic as is not part of it's core business (rumors bolstered by the length of time since the last major upgrade).

I understand why Apple remains mum on most products until released.  But when it comes to a software platform by which many invest countless hours to learn, and even make a living by, it's downright rude to not stand up for it with a roadmap or at least strongly stated commitment.  For those who say, "just pick what you like and go record" they're missing the point.  For those especially at a decision point, we need to know the choice we make won't be regretted in the future.

Apple's silence is making many would-be Logic users choose to standardize on, and invest in, an alternate platform with a more known and predictable future.
This issue comes up every time there's time between versions. There's no basis to it. Apple just moved Logic Pro to the Mac App Store like their other apps. There's no reason at all to think Apple is giving up on Logic. It's just FUD.

(Fear Uncertanty Doubt).

 For those especially at a decision point, we need to know the choice we make won't be regretted in the future.

By this I assume you are at a decision point,e.g. to upgrade to Logic 9 and are wondering if X is just around the corner?

One good thing Apple have done is to drastically reduce the price of Logic 9, and include a very extensive library of sounds.
Logic works pretty good, on Apples current and very recently introduced OS.

While there are a number of issues with how it works, I can still use it to do my jobs.

I know that Apple will be releasing a Logic Pro X at some point in the future.

Apple NEVER releases any roadmaps, and other companies usually do so people won't jump to a competitors software... keep the hype going so people hold on.
Rumors about Apple products are useless, as nobody outside One Infinite Loop knows anything. So by getting agitated by rumors that Apple is "deprecating" Logic, you're getting cranked over nothing.... Like believing there's a ghost in your refrigerator or the government is spying on you.

Accept the fact that Apple does not preview or predict release dates for updated software until it is ready to ship. As a recent convert to Logic, I find this preferable in a way to the standard approach, as evidenced by MOTU: blow trumpets for six months before finally showing a supposedly running, ready version of the new software at NAMM in January and you still haven't released the damn thing in September.