Logic Pro 9 Will installing v. 9 interfere with presets in 8 sessions?


Hey ya'll...a very soggy FedEx man just dropped off v. 9.
Before I install it one quick question:
I'm currently wrapping up a project with a guitar-driven band. I've got GuitarAmp pro sweetening just about all my guitar tracks.
Am I in danger of losing my existing settings when I install 9?
I'm assuming the new amp features are an upgrade to the existing plug or is it completely new? Or does guitar amp pro still exist in Logic 9?
I'm thinking I wait till this project clears mastering.
any thoughts? anybody?
It's a brand new amp. Guitar amp pro settings should remain fine.

I wouldn't wait, as you may find some new lovely stuff esp, with guitar amps and pedals.
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i'm in the same scenario as you...at the tail end of a guitar driven album. despite my anxiousness to dive into the sweet new features...especially Flex...i'm going to wait. what makes it worse is that i received LP9 the other day and it's sitting there all pretty on my desk begging me to install it haha...but honestly, in my experience, having been a logic user since v4, i've always been better off finishing what i'm doing before jumping to the new. that's just my 2 pennies. :)
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Yes that's wise, that's why it's always good to have several computers and (working) backups ...

Personally, I even backup my full OS X System partition, it seems extreme, but it saved me several times :)
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Okay..so I have Logic 8 running on 3 computers so I went ahead and installed 9 on one of them and fired up the guitar album i'm working on...NO PROBLEM!
Guitar Amp Pro is a completely different plug from the new amp feature- everything translated just fine. And the new amp features are awesome..well worth $199 if you're a guitar geek!!
So now I (we) know!!
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