Winter NAMM 2010

Orren Merton

Logic Samurai / Administrator
Staff member
Winter NAMM 2010 is about to begin in Anaheim, California. Given that I live only 10 miles away, and work for a publisher who sends me every year, I'll be attending the show for three of the four days. I mostly go for business meetings, but there's usually at least a little time to look around, and say hello to people.

If any of you will be there as well and see me wandering, please introduce yourself as an LUG member! I'd love to get a feel for how many of us are there. It's an industry-only show, so those there are mostly those with work and meetings, but there's always a few others who manage to score passes.

If anyone has something in particular they've read about or are really excited about, please post about it here--assuming I have some time to just wander, I'll try and check it out and report what I find.

Take care,
Orren (I'll be the guy in black, with long hair...oh, and the badge that says ORREN in big capital letters ;) )