Wireless headphones latency issue on Mac Mini M1

Matt Fisher

Which wireless headphones are best for working with Logic on a Mac Mini M1? When I use my wired Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones, it's ideal, there's no latency. When I use my AirPods or a new pair of earmuff wireless headphones I bought (Anker Life Q30), there's almost a half-second delay between the time I play a note on my guitar and the time I hear it in the wireless headphones. Therefore, totally useless for live music recording.

Somebody told me Macs usually do not use latency codes over Bluetooth, and so you should use wired headphones with Macs. (that has to be wrong, right?)

Can anyone recommend a good- to studio-quality pair of wireless headphones with low enough latency to play live music? btw, I love my Sennheisers, great sound, I have 2 pairs, but I want to go wireless. btw, Beats suck. Terrible sounding, imho.


I've read about a recent Bluetooth version that has a theoretical latency that is close to being usable for tracking (it might have been in SOS) but otherwise, I haven't come across a blue tooth device that works for this. I once had some wireless Sennheiser headphone (not bluetooth) that worked well, but battery performance made them otherwise difficult to use regularly. I'm stuck with wired headphones for now.