Wireless vs numeric keyboard on new macs?


For Logic specifically, what do people feel about the two keyboard options? I would like the wireless, but I have a few key commands on the added keys. I could always change them I guess. What do you all feel about which one is the better option in general and for Logic?

I would always choose a keyboard with numeric keypad for logic - which means, the wireless is out of the question for me.

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That's the direction I was leaning. Too bad, the wireless would make a nice remote to initiate recording from different parts of my room.

Another one of those strange decisions by Apple (to not have wireless available with keypad).

Smeet -I use a wireless apple keyboard for exactly this purpose.

I have a regular full keyboard at my work station. And I also have a wireless keyboard near my drums at the other end of the room so that I can control basic recording and transport functions.

In absence of the * key for recording, I assigned command + space bar to the record/record repeat key command and use that instead. It is really useful - even better than the regular record command. If I am recording, don't like the take and want to start over; I just use this key command to have Logic automatically discard the current take and start recording again from the original position - all with this single keystroke.

And I of course do also still have the regular record command assigned to the * key for when I am sitting in front of Logic.
The wireless keyboard is a bluetooth device. So you can run it at a distance without the worry of cable length.I thought that they were going to make a keyboard with a trackerpad like the macbook pro has. It would be much better than the magic mouse.When Apple has introduced the keyboard it was fine for in most of the observers and users have been surprised by the object itself. Like its counterpart wired, wireless keyboard is fine, very fine. It is however not as much. If their bottom, the two keyboards measure only 5 mm, the wireless keyboard is thicker on the upper part that can be the fault of the batteries.