WISH: Export with Watermark


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I work with thousands upon thousands of individual audio tracks that require watermarks inserted to be placed in our shopping cart as demo files.

[what I mean by this is our songs that are displayed on our site must have an audio watermark that repeats "blah blah music site.com" on top of the music.]

I would **LOVE** to see an addition to the option "Export -> All Tracks As Audio Files" that would allow you to essentially bounce/export each track as a file with the ability to choose a track to use as a watermark.


Not meaning to burst your bubble but I have a feeling this is a little esoteric to be seriously considered by apple. When I come across jobs like this (which involve more than a dozen or so iterations) I look towards scripting. Although I haven't tried to do this particular task, something like Triumph, may be the answer to your problem. Use Automator to run through your workflow (unfortunately logic doesn't support this, which is why I suggested Triumph) and have a look at the associated apple script, tweaking and setting destinations etc isn't the easiest but if you've got thousands its probably worth the time investment!


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Well, I did say 'wish' right? ;-)

It's funny - I have received a similar response from other audio utility programmers as well. While it not be the most highlighted of uses, with the production library market doing roughly $500m+ a year, I can tell you this is done *all the time*. The money is on the table for this one. As being one of the poor slobs who does this, I would pay to have this feature in my immediate workflow. There ARE a couple of services that will perform the task for you but, it's just a huge interruption to upload files, wait days, then receive the results to post online.

That being said, I've not looked at Triumph before. I'm digging into it now - many thanks for the tip!


I'm thinking its a great idea, it would really show logic shifting with the times, this sort of batch processing is exactly what professionals like us need to do day in day out. I do hope they push this sort of thing through, if you haven't done it already the logic feedback page is where you want to send it, although it does feel like shouting down a well!

Pete Thomas

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One slight problem is that you would always need to know to leave headroom for the added wtaermark audio. Though i suppose some distortion at that point would not be a big issue.

One thing I found was an html 5 audio player that gave you the option of adding a watermark on playback, so you wouldn't need to bounce it into the file.

This is it:


"Protect your audio from being hijacked by using a beep overlay, or another overlay sound."

The overlay sound is one you link to, so it doesn't need to be a beep it can be your own audio. And you can specify how frequently it overlays.

Drawbacks? I'm not sure this works in every browser. I did buy the licenec , bu for some reason I forget I don't use it.