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How about an implementation of a running wish list as a single page on LUG? Users should be able to rank (from 0-10, say) each item on the wishlist, and the list would constantly sort in order of average rank.

Periodically this wish list could be forwarded on to Apple. Or Apple might check it themselves if they are so inclined, and we'll be doing free market research for the developers.

The list could be compiled from the wishes posted here, with links to the descriptive posts. Once a wish comes true ("not only in fairy tales!"), the wish could be removed from the list, or put on a happy archival list of "granted wishes".

I like this idea. Probably a lot of work for us but worth doing as there is a poll option on the forum.
I like this idea. Probably a lot of work for us but worth doing as there is a poll option on the forum.

Maybe there's a way to make the poll run in a fairly automatic manner once it's set up.

I guess the work will still be adding and removing items from the list!
But this would be a single source point, a sort of "table of contents" for the wish list section...

Keep up the good work...

The pressure is on! Have to keep the moderators busy and off the street, else they just get themselves into all sorts of disreputable situations!
Was any sort of centralized wish list ever set up?
Did I miss it? Or is it meant to be this entire subforum?
Meaning, I also want to have a centralized separate wish list are that gets submitted regularly to Apple. The absence of this is the main reason I come here less and less. Posts on the Apple forum generate more public attention and draw more interest from Apple. Perhaps that is as it should be, but it seems like we could be a better organized union of consumers. I had suggested a voting system for wish list items, so that when we submitted requests to Apple, they'd see where the greatest demand exists. Someone on the forum shot me down for this idea for reasons I cannot comprehend.
I began a score wishlist years ago and participants added to it until it was quite large! :)

AFAICR it was sent off to Hamburg ( that shows how long ago) with little result. I then reposted it here - the response was underwhelming.

Search for 'the original score wishlist' may last year

So what is the most useful way to inspire Apple's development focus?
If not wish lists, then is the Apple support forum? Or simple direct emails to Apple directly?

I assume Apple monitors the forum and emails, but I am not sure how much influence those avenues really generate. It's possible that a complaint or request from a "celebrity" musician or producer is the critical factor....
The best way for the user to make requests, report Bugs etc. is to use the feedback pages
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Thank you for the links again, Mark. I do write there quite regularly with suggestions and bug reports...Where anyone is listening, I can only hope.
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