Logic Pro 8 Wondering about a possible guitar software instrument


Hi, I am looking for a guitar software instrument and can't seem to find it on the Logic Pro 8 software list. I was wondering if anyone else could tell me what it may be called in the software instrument list.

I'm looking for a Country Hawaiian Guitar sound that has a twang sound to it. If there isn't such a instrument on here, what effect could i use to get this sound?

The sound Im looking for is just like the sound that you hear when you play the "Nashville Pedal Steel" Loops in the Loop section.

Thanks for the help

Per Boysen

You may program a similar sound on the EFM1 and run it through an appropriate boutique amp sim. Maybe you will have to use many EFM1 instances, each one set to"Voices=legato" and use each EFM1 to mimic each guitar string in the guitar lick. Then different pitchbend tricks can be used simultaneously on each "string"; a typical Pedal Steel characteristic.
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I have used Sculpture for Pedal Steel sounds before, but you really have to spend the time sequencing/programming things to sound correct.

As for other guitars, check out the instrument presets, EXS has a number of interesting guitar sounds as well.

George Leger III
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