Logic Pro 9 Won't save Wave file overviews - imported stems


I imported some stems from Live into Logic for 10 different songs. On each of these songs every time I open them up Logic goes through it's "Creating Overview" of every wavfile. I unchecked the faster performance checkbox. I have saved these projects after it has created the wavforms but it still continues to recreate them every time I reopen. Any tips on how to actually get it to save this information so it can just open up the project?
Were they transferred from a PC? Might be a permissions issue. Try this: select the folder that contains the audio files, press command I to get info. On the bottom of the window you will see a little tab named "sharing and permissions". use the arrow to open, and you will se a list of users. Press on the little gold lock icon, enter your password, and then set all your options to "read and write" go to the icon that looks like a gear and select "apply to enclosed items" then hit OK....

You are done.

Now try to do the overview and see if they save. i'd suggest making a new song and adding a single file of the audiotracks that the overview wasn't working properly with to save time.
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