Logic Pro 9 workaround to open old folders


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Is there a way to open old Logic files,from 2002, OS9, with new updated gear? MacBookPro usingLogic9.1.1. Everything after Logic6 converts automatically. The earlier stuff gets a pop up that reads:"Format of this file is not compatable with this version. Please load first into Logic Pro 7.2.1 or earlier to convert project." I don't have the old version anymore.
No easy way to do this....

Either re-install an earlier version of Logic (even v8.x will work) or ask a friend. Logic 9 broke the backwards-compatibility chain.
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Just for clarification, Logic 9 will open songs created in Logic 5, 6, 7 or 8. Logic 8 can also open song from 5, 6 or 7. If the songs are pre Logic 5, then they need to be opened and saved in Logic 5, 6 or 7 before they can be accessed in 8 or 9.

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Logic 1,2,3,4 songs can only be opened in Logic 7 or earlier. But specifically, you need to "encode" the song for Intel, which means Logic 7.2.1 (on an Intel machine) is required to resave the song so that it can then be opened in Logic 8/9 and beyond.

Some generous soul here probably still has that installed and can get your song and do it for you. Just make sure to zip the song before it's sent across the interwebs (right-click or control-click to access that function).
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