Logic Pro (X) Working on Logic projects in the cloud


I'm considering extending my Apple iCloud account so that I can put all of my projects onto the cloud rather than only use Time Machine and archive hard disks. The discs work fine, but I'm just concerned at fire of theft, and I now have fibre, high-speed broadband connection, which I never had before, so it becomes an option.

I can perfectly understand why the cloud is useful for storing project data, but Is anybody out there working on Logic Pro projects LIVE with the cloud and if so, do you find that the Cloud is limiting your workflow?

Penny for your thoughts ..
Don't do it.

Sync is happening in the background and Logic doesn't like files being accessed by other processes while they're open.

I've encountered problems even with audio files, and sometimes the oh-so-smart-cloud removes files locally to "save space" but this will really screws with Logic.

If you need to share or use the cloud as archival, then I would suggest to .zip and upload to iCloud.

But if it's purely for off-site backup then I would recommend Backblaze. Keep in mind that whatever you delete locally will eventually also be deleted from Backblaze. So if archival is your goal then buy big harddrives and backup locally. We have 2 18TB drives that hold everything. I connect them in 2 week rotation. For extra security get a third one in the rotation that you bring over to a friend or relative. If it's encrypted you won't have to worry about the data either.
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