Logic Pro X Working with External midi instruments


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Hi All

Looking for some assistance in working with multiple external midi instruments and external midi capable effects.
There has to be a setting that I'm not finding.

The issue is that when I have a midi track for and external synth in record arm mode, all midi CC information from all the other midi instruments will change the parameters of that instrument, and since the CC parameters are different, there are some odd parameter changes

The track to an external synth accepts global midi information from all midi sources connected to my midi IO. How do I turn this off and set it so that it only accepts the midi information from my master synth / controller and itself?

I want to limit it so that only have one midi source playing notes and sending midi CC to the external instruments, but, I still want to be able to record any parameter changes as Midi CC that I make on the other synths but I don't want the Midi CC from those changes changing the parameters on all the other external synths.