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I'm currently a Logic Pro 9 user, but have an impossible time adding lyrics in the score view. I've found a workaround for it, but it involves several steps, one of which is buying a new program and I'm not sure I want to invest the time or money with that learning curve.

How does everyone feel about the new version and its ability to handle/manage scores and adding lyrics? I was planning on upgrading anyway, but if creating scores is easier in the new version, I'm going to speed up the process.

It is certainly not impossible to enter lyrics in a score in most any version of Logic. I Don't think 10 added any improvement to the feature. Are you saying you can't do it or just don't like the results?
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I don't like the process: It's slow, tedious, inconsistent and very frustrating. There's no way to import or copy and past text into a score so you have to type it in manually. Aligning a word or syllable with an individual note is tough because sometimes when you hit the space bar, you 're moved to the next note and sometimes you're sent somewhere else entirely.

I've found the best solution is a combination of Logic and Sibelius 7 First, which handles the addition of text much easier.
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You're right about the typing part.

FWIW, the tab key is set up to move to the next note. I don't remember the space bar doing much. Maybe a bug in LPX, don't have time to verify that however.
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I stand corrected. It was the tab key. Same thing happens, though: Type a word, hit tab and it's know telling where the cursor will land.
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Sorry to hear you are having problems. I enter lyrics a lot and don't seem to have this problem. Mavericks 10.9.2 Logic 9. I don't know of an easy way to enter lyrics in Logic 9.1.8 and I do not have Logic X.
I use an App on my iPod called You Compose and the lyrics I write in it come into Logic 9 when exported by .mid file from the app. Another app that does the same is simple score creator also on the iPod. Hope you get your problem cleared up.
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Thanks for the recommendations! I'm definitely checking those apps out. I'm not sure how much they cost, but you may have saved me a couple hundred bucks.

Thanks, again!
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