Logic Pro 8 Working with Novation Remote Compact controller

Has anyone had any experience working Novation's Remote series controller?
I have the 25SL Compact and other than the piano keys and pads. But I can not get it to control Logic Pro's parameters, transport, etc. I followed the CD ROM and set it to Logic but still no luck?

I have just purchased a Remote 25SL cheap to see how it goes and I have to say that there is nothing auto about Automap.. It's convoluted rubbish in my controller experience.

i already have an MCU and a few other controller keys etc, which i have setup for all sorts of control of key commands for logic etc.

The Automap software has no way of addressing Logics native plugins and wraps thrid party ones, making a bit of a dogs breakfast of previous projects etc.

So, my conclusion wa to use the "ReMOTESLeditor" software which is also available at Novationmusic.com to make my own template. Obviously I am not going to get visual feedback of like I would with the MCU, but at least it's going to make sense and I can assign the buttons for selcting next/previous presets, adjusting locators and toggling functions like low latency mode.... I'll set the transport controls to work as MMC commands as I did with the MAudioPro88 etc etc....
I think that Automapping was/is a great idea, but there are too many things standing in the way of it, to make it the 'simple' thing that Novation are touting it to be.

With that in mind, I set up LIVE8 on my MacbookPro and tried using Automap with that and it works reasonably well once it is set up properly.
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Hey Matt,
So I not going crazy...it simply does not automap??? Nice deceiving name...thanks for the heads up. Well I am trading in the Compact for SL (one with faders right?) and guess I will wait to program until then. Any hints that on programming?

Thanks so much.
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