Logic Pro 9 Would love advice on which computer to buy


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I am new to this site and am looking into buying a new Mac laptop with Logic Pro. The problem is, although Apple provides minimum system requirements they don't list out recommended system requirements. If I am using Logic Pro for both live performances and studio recording, can someone provide some thoughts on recommended system in terms of processor, RAM, and hard drive space (and any other aspects of the system that would be relevant)?

As context, I don't need or want top of the line. I would rather save money on the computer to invest in some decent microphones, etc. So I am looking for a computer that is good enough not to have any breaks/clicks in the audio when recording, but beyond that would rather not spend any more money than necessary. Also, I have a Presonus Firestudio Mobile that I'd like to use. I am not a professional musician; I'd only be recording at most 2 stereo tracks simultaneously. I need my new computer to be a laptop, Apple recently dropped the MacBooks so it is going to either be one of the MacBook Air (with a thunderbird->firewire converter for my PreSonus Firestudio Mobile) or a MacBook Pro.

Any thoughts on recommended system? I think a lot of other people getting into Logic have this question, but not sure it has been answered (at least not recently) on the discussion boards.

Thanks for any advice you may have!
Always buy the best you can afford.

The new Mac Book Pro's are awesome computers and will have plenty of time in their lifespans. As far as drives, get a big 7200 rpm drive, the SSD's are way too expensive for the cost per gig of space. I'd also suggest the better antiglare HD screen

Go to OWC for a ram upgrade, easy to do by yourself, and you will appreciate the extra ram when working with any kind of 64 bit app with sample libs.
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