Wow, the lug has 94 people on right now!


The funny thing is I sometimes believe that the lug isn't really used as an asset for the Logic Pro community at large. I see a few emails every day, sometimes I answer, sometimes someone else has already created an elegant reply, and after over 20 years of Logic, I continue to both learn new stuff, and pass on some things to the newcomer.

I just wanted to say that I think that in itself is a very cool thing, and that I'm happy to see the lug go through the last couple of transitions (from the old lug list, to the second incarnation, to the current forum based entity).

I'm proud and happy to be part of such a vital and valuable community, that is based in many countries around the world, and I'm sure with some of the most interesting music being made out there.

Take care people, good luck with the creating, and happy to feel like I'm not really alone in my love for this great application.


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Two things George:

Thanks for your continuing presence here. I am not sure if you are aware just how substantial the contribution you make to the LUG is, but rest assured, many of us do and are very grateful. Same goes for Doug, Eli, and many other stalwarts/veterans/long term inmates (feel free to choose whichever term you consider to be most appropriate!).

Concerning those 96 members, bots get counted as well. As I write, we have 131 "entities" visiting the LUG. Happily, some of these are indeed members of homo sapiens sapiens!

kind regards

Thanks Mark, I love the LUG, always have. Happy to share ideas and teach as well... I do it for the karma points. That than the occasional really great idea or tip someone throws out that makes my job easier.

Orren Merton

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I second your sentiment about the LUG, and Mark's sentiment about you! :thmbup:

It definitely goes in waves, the popularity of various online fora, the number of posters and types of questions they ask. I've noticed a pattern as well in the sense of either elation or fear, depending on if there is a recent version or update or if it's been a while. Through it all, it's the contributions of our "regulars" that keep the LUG vital, that make it valuable for the newbies, and keep us old timers coming back for more. And just as important, the tone that we strive for-one of openness, helpfulness, and mutual respect-wouldn't be possible without you and others leading by example. We all can point to online fora in which the general tone of the posts are confrontational and more concerned with scoring snark points than being helpful. So thank you and everyone for making our little LUG the welcoming place it is! :beer:


Doug Zangar

George, thanks for all your posts here - I enjoy them very much until they point out I don't know what I'm talking about..:eeek:

I have gleaned a LOT from this forum over the years and enjoy contributing back to it. I'm happy to see this group continue and hope it shall for a long time. And I certainly appreciate the moderators' work and the regular knowledgable posters such as Eli and Tangra (to name just two who like George still school me).

As Orrren said: :beer:


Just thought I'd chime in with a big fat hairy "me too" to all that's been said. I also pick up lots of tips around here, and George I especially value the perspective and context you always include in your posts. Tangra, your posts are great too - they always challenge me and force me to stop and think and open up new creative avenues to problem solving. Doug - your humility (and knowledge) is an example to us all. And to Petrosil - even though you don't post often, I ALWAYS learn something from you. And all the moderators are great, not only in keeping the forum going, but in all their contributions.

Long live the LUG - and let's all hang on for the wild and exciting ride that Logic 10 will most certainly be, and which will hopefully begin soon!

Russ FAR

Agreed! I am new here and I really want to get this community going. I love logic and discussing sharing tips and ideas etc. I wish I could super charge it. George does contribute a lot. We need more people like that.
Thanks again. I didn't start this thread expecting praise, rather to say what a great place we have here.

The reason I contribute so much is that after years of using Logic, I know allot of the small things that can trip one up with Logic, as well as the bigger things, like how to make a huge template, because I make a living working with and on Logic Pro.

Most of the time I'm happy to help, even though every now and then I get kinda pissed by people not even taking the time to pick up the starter booklet that comes with both the hardcopy version of Logic and the software download only version. Sure, Logic is a challenging app, but you really have to do some of the legwork yourself before you can expect others to help out (at least in my books you do).

Anyways, Love the LUG, wish we had more meetings face to face, I've had a blast at those here in LA, and thanks as well to the moderators as well as the other people I see here all the time helping as well (Tangra, Atlas, CSeye, Eli, and Markdvc, among others).

Take care Luggers!