Logic Pro X X-DAW ::: Articulation Editor/Converter for Logic X <> Cubase



We at Audio Grocery are so excited to announce our brand new ultimate articulation maps Editor called X-DAW. Now X-DAW offers ultra advanced features which allow you to create articulation maps for a few seconds, export the X-DAW project as a Logic Articulation Set or Cubase Expression Map, convert Logic Articulation Sets to Cubase Maps and vice versa.

Now you can copy articulation names from any Instrument catalogue and paste them to X-DAW or to use our brand new OCR utility to screenshot the articulation names directly in the Instrument interface (Art Names), and paste or auto-paste the converted names to X-DAW.

Please visit the X-DAW web page to get info about all new features. Here are a few quick links:
• X-DAW Product page.
• X-DAW Detail Key Features.
• X-DAW Library 7 (read or download a PDF). We added tons of professional X-DAW presets for VSL Synchrons series, Spitfire Audio etc.