Logic Pro 7 & earlier XSKey Manager or prefPane


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Hi there!
I recently purchased a used copy of Logic 7 off eBay with XSkey. Is there any way to see what authorizations are on the XSKey from Logic 7? I know there was an XSKey Manager app and an XSKey Preferences Pane that came with Logic 6 or below. I've got the requisite PowerPC mac and XSKey... would someone be able/willing to share a copy of the XSKey Manager app or prefPane so that I can see what's on this thing? (Yes, I know it'll "just work", but I'm curious...)

Thanks much in advance!!
FTR, Logic 6.4 was the transition to when Apple bundled all the authorizations for all the software instruments in together with the basic purchase price. So, if you own 6.4 or later, every software instrument in Logic is authorized.

The only thing that may not be authorized in v.7 is the TDM bridge - although I'm not certain. My memory is foggy on this, it was over five years ago.
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Yep, knew it happened somewhere in the 6.x track. But, I'd still just like to see what's on there. Unfortunately, so far as I've found 7.2 doesn't give you any way to see...

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Not sure how that'll help, and, having just purchased it, I don't fully understand what the ramifications might be of posting the serial number of my XSkey on a public forum... I can take a pic if you don't believe that I have one, but, posting a copy of the XSKey Manager really wouldn't do anyone any good if they didn't have an XSkey...
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