Logic Pro 9 Yamaha KX8 as DAW for logic 9


I purchased the KX8 with full intention of running cubase on a pc. I am now blessed with an imac and logic 9 and cannot get the transport buttons (play/stop/rec) on the KX8 to control my playhead in logic. When you press the buttons you only get noise. I have loaded the kx tools disk and gone online and got the latest drivers(i think) I am new to audio software and even newer to the world of mac. I am sitting on a ton of power with no idea how to utilize it all... baby steps...Could sombody please help guide me in the right direction.
YAMAHA KX8 DAW Remote Problem 2012

Hi TYB, I purchased also a Yamaha KX8 and now I have the same problem with my Logic Studio, cannot get the transport buttons (play/stop/rec).

I saw that your listing is of old date, and I wanted to ask you if you then you were able to solve this problem ? Thanks for any help!
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Have you enabled the "Listen to MMC Input" setting in the: Project Settings>Sync>MIDI>Midi Machine Control ? I just ask cause I do not own Yamaha KX8... As a whole this works with most devices which send MMC.
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Yes, in fact I had tried with MMC, but the same does not work .... Now I tried with Control Assign, the only way I know, even if it would not be the perfect arrangement of Yamaha. Thanks anyway
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I had to install the KX8 as another device... It is one of those preset with logic. I want to say it's another yamaha device but I don't think so... I want to say motif but that's too new... almost like a korg or something. If you still haven't figured it out I'm going to be getting back into that thing in the next day or two so re-post or let me know what you found out -k-. I spent MONTHS trying to find it so I'll do my best to help you out.:thmbup:
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Pianistaitaliano... I am digging deeper and it install's as a Mackie device... I'm trying to find the exact stages but if I remember right the KX is set to Halion 1... Let me know if you get it figured as some day I will screw up my set up and have to reload it...lol, I'll repost as I figure out more!
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KX25/49/61/8 - KX Remote Basic Setup for Logic Pro

This procedure will require that the KX series controller be connected to you Mac computer via USB and that the following steps have been taken:
1) Ensure that the compatible USB MIDI driver is installed
2) Access the KX Utility Menu and assign the KX's DAW Control option to "Logic Pro"
3) Ensure that the MIDI Select option within the KX Utility Menu is set to "USB"
Steps to take within Logic:
1) Access the Controller Setup Menu. Logic Pro>Preferences>Control Surfaces>Setup...
2) Install a new controller. New>Install
3) Select "Mackie Designs, Logic Control"
4) Assign "Yamaha KX Port 2" for the MIDI "Out Port" and "Input"
Additional functions can be assigned to the KX by using Logic's Controller Assignment Menu. To access this menu take the following steps:
1) Access the Controller Assignments Menu. Logic pro>Preferences>Control Surfaces>Controller Assignments
1) Assign additional functions to the KX assignable buttons. Pressing a button on the KX will select its assignment within the Controller Assignments Menu.
For additional information and procedures related to Logic, refer to you Logic Owner's Manual or contact Logic Technical Support.
I have this in a PDF that I could probably send you if you send me a private message... I haven't really used that function here but...This is it bud and the playhead works like a dream! I've got to set mine up tomorrow when I reload studio:D
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