Logic Pro 9 YamahaProMix01 as Control Surface For Logic9


Hi! anyone using a ProMix01 as a control surface for latest Logic9 successfully?
i use it as a sub mixer/patch bay for all my external synths before they record via my motu828 into Logic. but wondering if it might be useful as a control surface? ive heard LC Xmu-- http://www.opuslocus.com/lcxmu/ --can make this happen without any major patching hassles. altho i think it would have to connect via MIDI as its got no USB connection.... any thoughts?
The Promix 01 is not a Logic control surface... I can't remember if it even does CC07 for the faders. It also won't act as a HUI ether. I always wondered why Yamaha made these great consoles that couldn't be used for such an obvious thing?
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