Logic Pro X Yet Another Bounce issue


In Logic I had, for years, been able to bounce a mix right to iTunes, with that box on the bounce page checked, but now it's not happening. (The mix goes to my mix folder fine but it just doesn't go to iTunes any longer.)
I suspect that something occurred when I moved to macOS 10.14.1, There was a notification that came up that asked if I wanted to have Logic control iTunes (or some words like those anyway) and I declined it.

So where do I find that Logic/iTunes controller again or does anyone think that it MIGHT be the culprit.

BTW-the box for bounce to iTunes is still checked and I've turned if off and back on and even went to the length of turning it off shutting down the program, firing it back up and checking it off once again-no difference was seen in either event.


macOS 10.14 (and beyond) are far more protective. Unfortunately we have to pay strict attention to questions of privacy and control in the modern era.

The question being "asked" is from the "Automation" section of "Privacy" - you can find this in "System Preferences>Security & Privacy" under the "Privacy" tab. You are being asked to allow Logic Pro X to control iTunes. Hopefully you can navigate to the preference pane, unlock to make changes, and allow Logic to do what it wants.

Unfortunately the default answer of "NO" breaks lots of things. A default answer of "YES" is just as problematic, but in the case of an Apple application wanting to control an Apple application I suspect (and practice) that "YES" is the answer that allows me to get things done.

Hope that helps...