Logic Pro X Yosemite to blame?


Upgraded to Yosemite over the weekend- out of beta.

27" Quadcore iMac, 8 GB Ram
Motu MKiii
Axiom 61 midi keyboard.

Very odd virtual instrument symptoms. I like the virtual B3, with my mod wheel setup to control the Leslie speed. Usually works great. After Yosemite I created a B3 track and set the rotor to mod wheel. Now when I ride the modwheel it does not control the rotor speed but makes the b3 brighter or less bright.

What happened to the rotor?

Also, I went to mix a song I had created a few days ago (before Yosemite) and gradually the B3 goes as much as 1/4 tone flat. Weird.

Any ideas?




Could be Yosemite. Regarding going flat, have you looked for unwanted midi events in your b3 region?

Yosemite working well for me so far, knock on wood.
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I unplugged everything and started over and was able to get the rotor to work- probably need to look for Yosemite drivers at Axiom site. Probably to old to still be supported.

As an Apple Certified Tech I beta tested Yosemite on several laptops and it will be great on modern drives and flash memory. Very slow and clunky on core 2 duo or slower - plenty of ram needed also.
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Last nite I discovered something new with regards to controlling the rotor speaker.

Opened new Song
Created a virtual Instrument track B-3 Hard a Rock Organ
Configured the rotor to modwheel control- tested, rotor control was functional
Hit record a played a few bars- no rotor function via modwheel- actually when I pulled up the B3 on the screen the modwheel was changing the drawbar settings rather than changing the rotor speed.
Obviously something is haywire.

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