About the Logic Users Group

Logic Studio

The Logic Users Group (LUG) is the oldest community of Apple Logic users on the internet. The LUG has gone through many forms and iterations over the years, from general email lists, to linked websites and email lists, to the current modern platform. Welcome to our home where you will get loads of help, advice and lively discussion on the forum.

The "soul" of the LUG is its many discussion forums. In these forums, our more than 10,000 members discuss issues pertaining to using Apple Logic (Pro, Express, and the entire Studio bundle) to create, record, mix, master, and perform music. We also have more general music community forums, in which our members can share questions, insights, and techniques, as well as find collaborators and musical gear. Finally, a number of prominent audio hardware and software developers, as a convenience for their Logic-using customers, maintain support forums on the LUG. Please look around the LUG forums and make yourself at home!

The LUG members range from successful professionals to beginning hobbyists, and has always been proud to share it's collective wisdom and resources with the greater community to help you create the best music with the best audio software.