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Hi Orren,
I am a music producer and I am programming as a hobby.
I now made a program for Logic's Space Designer which is - in my opinion - really helpful.
You can get Information about it here:

Is it possible to start a thread about it here ?

Just got off phone w/ Apple support to learn that I can pay $199. to get a troubleshooting question answered. So I reckon any help on the following is worth $199 to me...

I'm missing several Logic instrument patches from my Library (eg Pop Piano, Fretless Bass), where clicking on them comes up w/ "can't find..." Before I give up and just re-load all 6 or so install disc's, any idea what's going on? I'm confident I wouldn't have intentionally deleted a (lovely) sound file from the hundreds of instruments I get, so presumably another sad instance of user error.

Many thanks for any thoughts you might lend to help me recover them,

- brad
Atlanta, GA
myspace: brad ellis quartet
Hi Orren,

Sorry about contacting you personally like this. However, I've got a quick question regarding the KB covers for Logic, which the KB website were designed in conjunction with you. So I thought I'd go to the source, as it were.

Is the Logic Pro KB cover for Logic 8/9 also compatible with Logic Pro 7? I've just bought a new thin alum keyboard, and want to know if the KB overlay shortcuts will be the same. Will be upgrading to Logic 9 soon, however in the meantime I still want to use the overlay too.

Many thanks for your help.

Yours sincerely,

Hi Orren.

I have a full sized computer rack with locking from and back doors. I think it's 45U. I don't need it anymore and would like to offer it free to the List to the first to pick up and and take away in Sydney Australia.

I wanted to know if I could post this and if so to which forum would you recommend?

I've attached a photo - gear not included ;-)

Hi, I have just joined this forum, I am trying to find out how you add new audio tracks in Logic, do you know where on the forum I can find that info? Many thanks Skeleton79 aka Gareth
Is it me or have the group buy this-is-what-you-do-to-download-and-pay group buy mail not go out yet?
Love them group buys!