Logic Pro Software instrument weirdness


Using a first gen Axiom 61 as an input device, via USB. mbox 2.

Has worked seamless with virtual B3 since installing X with one exception- occasionally a note will stick and I have to reboot logic to stop it - disconnecting the keyboard does not help.

Today, got weirder. Created a new track -Side Man Organ and armed it. No keys above C one octave above middle C function. Keys that function seem 1or2 octaves below normal. Changed to a few different organs, similar result. Added a electric piano track and an acoustic piano track and both function as normal.

Checked, double checked setting- have not deviated from normal in anyway that I know of.

Any suggestions?


Answer my own question.

I had some guests jamming the other day and I guess the set their phone or something on one of the buttons/ I just started pushing buttons and it came back on its own- no idea what I did/undid.
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